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In Brief: “Smog” Floods Cabin, Turns Aircraft into “Giant Sauna” (PHOTOS)

"Smog" Fills the Cabin of a Shenzhen Airlines Flight (PHOTO: Weibo)

Travelers on a Shenzhen Airlines flight preparing to take off from Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (SZX) were taken by surprise Saturday when a large “smoky-colored cloud” filled the cabin. Crew members assured the startled flyers that there was no reason to panic, explaining that the environment was the result of the humidity outside interacting with the aircraft’s air-conditioning system.

"Smog" Fills the Cabin of a Shenzhen Airlines Flight (PHOTO: Weibo)

One passenger onboard shared pictures of the steamy cabin via Weibo, likening the atmosphere to a “giant sauna.” The pictures have since gone viral, with some speculating that the vapor is smog. An airline representative, however, thwarted claims of pollution and problems with the aircraft, attributing the situation to an air-conditioning system that circulated water vapor from outside and into the cabin.

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Centurion May 29, 2015

Much ado about nothing. As others have noted this is just water humidity vapor. But let the the contrail conspiracy nuts get a hold of these pics and really make mess this up. They will say the chemtrail machine malfunctioned and put chemicals inside the passenger cabin! Seriously some idiot is going to fly and go on major rant with this picture as "proof" of chemtrails!

Allan38103 May 29, 2015

It even happens, on a smaller scale, in your car when your AC is first turned on under certain conditions. You see visible vapor coming out of the vents, especially onto a cold windshield. A whole lot of non--news.

relangford May 29, 2015

This is quite common, especially on military cargo aircraft and in humid locales, until the A/C gets the humidity down. It may have been that the A/C had some problem. The comment about the sauna is strange because this happens when there is cooler air from the A/C.

geminidreams May 29, 2015

During a delay in Beijing the cabin crew got through half the meal service while on the taxiway!

milepig May 28, 2015

This is the worst example I've seen but I've been on many flights where you can see water vapor and even droplets of water. In my examples it typically clears up quite quickly once the AC has a chance to do its job, but the fact that the "smog" is still there when they're serving meals makes me think that something more is going on here.