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In Brief: Pregnant Singer Booted From United Flight After “Fussy” Toddler Sparks “Safety Concerns”

Walk Off The Earth singer Sarah Blackwood was reportedly booted off United Airlines Flight 6223, operated by SkyWest, Wednesday after her 23-month-old son became unruly. According to a statement from the airline, Blackwood’s “fussy” toddler presented “safety concerns” on the Vancouver-bound flight prior to takeoff.

Blackwood was reportedly warned by a crew member to “control” her son or they would be removed from the flight. While the Embraer 175 was taxiing, the flight crew made the “difficult decision” to return to the gate at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), where Blackwood was asked to deplane with her son and nanny.

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Jane42 May 30, 2015

I do agree it is a safety concern. My grandson is that age and I can see him getting it in his mind that he did not want to sit and it being a bit difficult to restrain him. I think if we travel anytime in the future with him, his car seat will be a must!

cestmoi123 May 29, 2015

If the kid wouldn't stay in his seat (or if a lap child, in his mother's or the nanny's lap), then yes, the kid shouldn't be allowed to fly. It's a safety concern for the kid (primarily) but also for other pax in the cabin.

notsosmart May 29, 2015

Uhm, as much as I can't stand unruly toddlers on airplanes (and as much as I want to punch NINEWORLDSERIES right in his/her ignorant face) I have to question UA's decision-making on this. I mean, a crappy kid is a "safety concern"? Really???

nineworldseries May 29, 2015

Yay! An unruly child was not coddled and/or ignored on an airplane for once!