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In Brief: Pop Star Allows Son to Pee in Airsickness Bag, Ignores Crew as Urine Soaks New A350

A famous Vietnamese singer is in the hot seat after she allegedly allowed her son to urinate in an air sickness bag onboard a recent Vietnam Airlines flight. The incident was reported via Facebook by a seatmate, who referred to the woman as “L.Q.” — later identified as pop star Lệ Quyên.

The seatmate shared a photo with his account of the disgusting incident, translated from Vietnamese below:

facebook post
“On board this beautiful A350 which still has that new plane smell (currently at 9000 m, so you can still use the lavatory), one beautiful female passenger in Seat 11B, with 10 fingernails painted in 10 colors, dressed very fashionably, tore open a vomit bag for her son to pee in, splashing everywhere. Chief Steward asked why not go into the lavatory. Dirtying the plane, but the passenger didn’t even want to look/acknowledge the Chief Steward. Truly insane, peasants flying on a plane… DEATH BECOMES ME (communicating an “OMG” moment)… THIS LADY IS A VERY FAMOUS SINGER… ONE OF THE HIGHEST PAID PEOPLE IN VIETNAM… SHOULD I UPLOAD THIS PHOTO…”

For more information on this story, visit Yahoo.

[Photos: VietOneRadio via Yahoo]

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weero July 28, 2015

This could only happen in this part of the world. Let kids to anything - literally anything - in lounges and planes is the absolute norm and it greatly deteriorates the otherwise smooth travel experience here. But then this is only one step up from changing diapers on the seat as I just 'enjoyed' on BA. So filthy folks are commonplace on planes these days.

corbetti July 25, 2015

needs to be fined a hefty sum to learn at least one of many lessons she should have learned a lot earlier in life.