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In Brief: “Paperwork Issue” Forces SkyWest Flight to Turn Back Two Hours Into Three-Hour Trip

A SkyWest Airlines flight headed for Mexico was forced to turn back to Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) on Tuesday because of a “paperwork issue.” The pilot of Flight 4507 reportedly made the announcement two hours into the three-hour flight, stunning all 57 passengers onboard the Canadair jet. The airline apologized and compensated the affected flyers with free hotel rooms, food vouchers and tickets for another flight on Wednesday, but it would not elaborate on the details of the clerical issue.

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B1 March 19, 2015

"What do you mean you forgot your passport?????. How do you expect to get off the ground in Mexico???"

kilbornr March 19, 2015

I'm always amazed that Delta's PR people are able to keep Delta's name out of these stories. It is impressive.

largeeyes March 19, 2015

That's some pretty lame compensation. It's time for a version of EU261 in US.