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In Brief: Man Pleads Guilty to Pointing Laser at Multiple Aircraft, Injuring Pilots’ Eyes

A man accused of pointing a laser at aircraft near LaGuradia Airport (LGA) from a Bronx apartment in March plead guilty in court this week. Multiple pilots, including ones on three commercial aircraft and one police helicopter, claim they suffered eye injuries because of the $50 laser.

Elehecer Balaguer, 54, could face up to five years in prison if convicted. However, he has attributed his actions to mental illness, which could result in a shorter sentence.

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MEaton July 25, 2020

Another situation where common sense fails to enter the conversation. The potential injury to the pilots are enough to warrant strict enforcement and serious punishment for the perpetrator. Loss of life in a downing or landing crash should up the crime to one that triggers capital punishment. People are just so stupid these days....

SoCal May 11, 2015

Do I remember correctly that when there was a U.S. Senate vote to make such actions a Federal crime, there was one vote against-- Rand Paul, who said state laws were sufficient, as though airline pilots could choose which states to fly over?

Indelaware May 8, 2015

Five years... For assaulting several pilots and risking the lives of 1000s... Likely will get only a few months, if that.