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In Brief: LeAnn Rimes Sets Off Fire Alarm in Lavatory, Laughs It Off as “Classic”

Country music artist LeAnn Rimes set off a fire alarm onboard a flight from Canada to Los Angeles Friday night after she decided to apply dry shampoo in the lavatory. It was the aerosol in the spray can that reportedly triggered the alarm, a transgression Rimes laughed off on Twitter.

No injuries were reported. At the time of reporting, it was unclear which airline the incident occurred on.

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chavala May 6, 2015

This happened to me on a QF DFW-SYD using the deodorant that came in their FC amenity kit! The FAs starting banging on the door and when I opened it they were standing there holding a fire extinguisher. It was pretty embarrassing walking back to my seat with everyone staring at me (assuming I was smoking probably). They said it happens quite often, and recently to one of the FAs. So you may ask, why in the world do they put these aerosol cans in their amenity kits?

SoCal May 6, 2015

Was the plane diverted? Just continued flying as normal? Surprised this got through security. Damn Canucks.

CDKing May 6, 2015

Here's a patent on a spray to test smoke detectors. The mix contains the 2 active ingredients of the product in the dry shampoo she used. BTW the main ingredients are isobutaine and propane. http://www.google.com/patents/EP0500820A4?cl=en

garydpdx May 6, 2015

Aren't aerosol cans banned from being taken on board? Because they could be used as improvised flame-throwers?

relangford May 5, 2015

This is actually interesting. I did not know that aerosols could set off the smoke detector (I guess I should have realized that). Maybe there is a need for a sign announcing such.