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In Brief: Lawyer Tries to Get on Plane, Airline Tries to Arrest Him

British-low cost carrier easyJet is now apologizing to a lawyer they wrongly put on the no-fly list. The attorney, Sean Reilly, 42, says he was “humiliated” after the airline stopped him from boarding a flight and threatened to arrest him on the grounds of the Terrorism Act in front of his 5-year-old daughter.

Reilly says he was forced to let his child fly with her grandparents while he booked a flight with British Airways departing the next day.

“Abusive behavior” from two businessmen on an easyJet flight in March was the behavior the attorney was wrongly flagged for. According to an easyJet representative, the airline is currently in negotiations with Reilly concerning proper compensation.

For more information on this story, visit Daily Mail.

[Photos: Daily Mail, easyJet]

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weero July 28, 2015

That reeks a lot like flimsy journalism. The no-fly-list is an American-only thing, It doesn't exist in Europe. There is also little wiggle room on what this was: an IDB with refused assistance. The airline owes him EC 261 compensation and is liable to the incurred cost. Punitive damages and harm to his feelings are fortunately not yet a thing for European air travel.