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In Brief: Gunman Killed in Shootout With SWAT Team at Las Vegas Area Hilton

A Las Vegas man is dead after being shot by a SWAT team at a Hilton property in Henderson, NV. The man, who has yet to be identified, reportedly embarked on a shooting spree Saturday morning, firing shots in his room and out a first-floor window of the Hilton Garden Inn Las Vegas/Henderson. Guests were evacuated from the premises.

When the SWAT team of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrived at the scene, the shooter was confined to his room. Upon exiting, the shooter was pepper-sprayed. He then fired at the SWAT team and Henderson police, who shot back and hit him.

The shooter later died at a nearby hospital. No other injuries were reported at the scene. Hilton has yet to release a statement on the incident.

For more information on this story, visit International Business Times.

[Photo: Hilton]

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fedup flyer July 7, 2015

Modern media, accuracy is optional.

OskiBear July 7, 2015

Inaccurate headline. The "Las Vegas Hilton" is no longer in existence and is now known as the "Westgate Las Vegas Resort." In fact, this story isn't even about a Hilton hotel in Las Vegas, it's a "Hilton Property in Henderson, NV" as stated in the first sentence. I guess accuracy and precision don't make for good headline clickbait.

kirkwoodj July 7, 2015

That is not the Las Vegas Hilton. Jeez.