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In Brief: Former Hotel Owner Slammed With Largest Fine for an Individual in London’s History

After a hotel inspection in 2011, the previous owner of Bayswater’s The Radnor Hotel received a massive fine this week for violating fire safety protocol. Salim Patel was hit was a nearly $300,000 fine — London’s largest penalty ever for an individual who violated fire safety rules — after he plead guilty to multiple charges. The team that performed the inspection in 2011 saw fire doors tied open by string and storage space that was being utilized as a bedroom for guests. Patel allegedly disregarded his initial enforcement notice, which then sparked court proceedings. On top of the fine, Patel also faces a four-month prison sentence.

For more information, visit Daily Mail.

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geirfugl March 16, 2015

Patel Bhai,were behind you,-one hundred,dudred prcentwent,theese britishers dont understand creativity,-Bhai!!

gum March 16, 2015

@ZEROLIFE, @ALL: Thanks for updating me on the necessity of checks for escalators and fire regulations. May be the underground in Munich is mostly just too new that I haven't seen the necessity for regular additional checks by the authorities and not only the operator himself. But the youtube-Links let me rethink.

zerolife March 16, 2015

@GUM Take a look at the below linked videos. This is what happens when an escalator malfunctions. Multiple people were injured in both cases so yes there is a reason for escalator inspection. DC Metro (US): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86_B8kB4Qvw Japan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzRDWSYegNM

duniawala March 15, 2015

Typical patel bhai. They should throw him in jail

MaxVO March 15, 2015

Four months in jail is hardly enough for the slumlord.