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In Brief: Fake Delta Contest Promises First-Class Tickets & Thousands of Dollars, Delivers Lies

Delta Air Lines’ Facebook image was compromised Tuesday when a hoax promotion offering 175 customers a chance to win $5,000 and five first-class tickets appeared on a fake “Delta Airways” page. The hoax, which was initially spotted by a Buzzfeed News reporter, also claimed that to enter/win, Facebook users had to “share” and “like” a Flickr picture of aircraft-themed gift bags by July 2.

A Delta representative said Wednesday that the company was aware of the fake page and it has since been deleted by Facebook. Before it was removed though, the hoax post had around 64,000 shares and 37,000 likes.

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[Photo: Facebook via Business Insider]

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These type of fraud contests with fake pages are rampant on Facebook. I've found several purporting to be from Walt Disney World or Disney Cruise Lines as well. There are lots of naive people out there who don't cast a critical eye at all at what appears to be a completely outrageous contest offering.

CDKing July 2, 2015

Cant believe people still fall with this stuff still

strickerj July 2, 2015

I agree with ND76... And Delta's Facebook page wasn't even hacked; the scammers just set up a fake page that vaguely resembles Delta's. (Come on... "Delta Airways"? Doesn't anyone pay attention to detail?)

ND76 July 2, 2015

You ought to change the slug on the home page as it is misleading. Delta Air Lines, Inc. did not perpetrate a hoax; rather, some scamsters with rudimentary computer skills did. When I saw this, I first thought that Delta was accused of a breach of consumer fraud laws, which, of course, is not the case here.