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In Brief: Drunk Man Climbs Two Fences, Storms Onto Runway at San Diego Airport

A intoxicated shirtless man was taken into custody Thursday evening after he climbed over two fences at San Diego International Airport (SAN) and stormed onto the runway.

Flights were interrupted for approximately by seven minutes, according to SAN spokesman Jonathan Heller, after a maintenance employee spotted Jonathan Edgcomb, 34, scaling one of the fences.

Edgcomb was arrested on suspicion of trespassing while under the influence. He is scheduled to appear in court Monday.

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crosscountry58S July 24, 2015

All airports have perimeter issues from time to time. I guarantee "your" airport has too.

celsius1939 July 20, 2015

@crosscountry58S A very funny comment about things happening time and time again. I am glad it is your airport and not mine.

crosscountry58S July 20, 2015

celsius1939 his detection by a maintenance employee means the system worked. Airport employees are trained to look for suspicious activity. No perimeter system is full proof. This has been demonstrated time and time again.

weero July 19, 2015

"Edgcomb was arrested on suspicion of trespassing while under the influence." I finally know where the brand TUI got its name from!

celsius1939 July 19, 2015

Why wasn't he detected by a security system? How do you depend upon maintenance employee to protect the customers? Bad airport!