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In Brief: Comedian Margaret Cho Accuses Virgin America of Rudely Disrespecting Her & Disabled Friend

American comedian Margaret Cho took her frustrations with Virgin America to social media Wednesday, accusing the airline of disrespecting her and her disabled friend, Selene Luna. Cho, 46, claims Virgin America refused to allow the pair to pre-board an aircraft at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and that a gate agent rudely dismissed them. Luna — who is reportedly recuperating from a painful hip condition — was the first to document the encounter, tweeting:

Cho and Luna tweeted a number of jabs at Virgin America, and their followers quickly chimed in with their own criticisms of the airline.

A Virgin America representative has since apologized for the incident, attributing it to a lack of communication. According to the representative, speaking with TMZ, the airline does offer pre-boarding and believes the pair was offered the option.

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bosman March 23, 2015

Margaret Cho was quoted in a 2012 interview "I don't want to have a rxxxxx (derogatory word for a mentally handicapped person) baby". Apparently, her concern for disabled people is limited to those who have hip conditions. While I agree that It sounds like Virgin could have handled the situation better, I find Cho's choice of hashtag #butnoturprejudice extremely hypocritical.