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In Brief: Charges Dropped Against Delta Flyer Accused of Inappropriately Touching 3-Year-Old Boy

Charges against a man accused of sexually abusing a 3-year-old boy on a Delta Air Lines flight from O’Hare International Airport (ORD) to Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) in March have been dropped. Prosecutors said this week that there was not enough evidence to prove that Kevin C. Matthews, 48, inappropriately touched the child. According to a representative for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Utah, dismissing the charge against Matthews was “the right thing to do.”

For more information on this story, visit the Chicago Tribune.

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MaxVO May 4, 2015

@alex71 : Search engines will block confidential records from appearing in search results upon request / court order. It's a routine procedure.

Alex71 May 3, 2015

It would of course been a lot better not to make his name public before there was sufficient evidence. Imagine a prospective employer google his name ...

MaxVO May 2, 2015

Thanks for the update. Perhaps we should be more careful in the future not to lynch a suspect (with our comments) based on gossip and hearsay alone. I won't even try to revive the presumption of innocence. ;)