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In Brief: Cathay Pacific Loses Bag Containing Over $660K in Cash

Cathay Pacific is in hot water as a reports claim the airline lost a bag containing NZD $1 million, around USD $660,000. The loss of the bag was documented at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) after it failed to arrive as scheduled on a flight from New Zealand.

Footage documents that the bag was one of three that fell out of a delivery trailer while being transferred, though the other two were found later lying on the tarmac. The bag was one of 12 being delivered to the Bank of China. A police investigation is underway.

For more information on this story, visit Shanghaiist.

[Photos: Shanghaiist]

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JohnnyRockets July 23, 2015

Uh 3 questions. 1. Why would the bank fly CASH!!!! out of a country. 2. I thought you can't bring CASH that much into a country. 3. Does Montreal Convention kicks in and limits CX for just 1xxx SDR Bonus question. Label a bag with "G4S" and no armor truck or armed guards around is like saying "Please steal me"

mvoight July 23, 2015

Why would bags of cash be in a position to even fall off the trailer? This is a stupid

Cymbo July 23, 2015

The rate the Kiwi dollar is dropping, the bag will be petty cash by the time it is found!

Jane42 July 22, 2015

And I complain when an airline loses my luggage....yikes!

shady July 22, 2015

Maybe they just needed to cover the loss of the ZRH-BKK error fare.