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In Brief: British Man Banned From Airline After Harassing Female Flyers & Passing Out

A British passenger who was flying with Ryanair Tuesday has now been banned from traveling with the airline after exhibiting unruly behavior. The man, who is believed to be in his 20s or 30s, earned the booting after he allegedly passed out in the lavatory for 30 minutes and harassed several female passengers.

He was arrested upon landing at Tenerife South Airport (TFS), after having been wrangled to the runway ground by Spanish police. In a statement released later, the airline said, “We will not tolerate unruly behavior at any time, and we sincerely apologized to other customers for any inconvenience caused.”

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dliesse July 6, 2015

Sorry, he fully deserves this ban. This kind of behavior is unacceptable at any time or in any place.

htb July 5, 2015

Sounds like he had a "bad" day. My feeling is that there wouldn't be a problem on the flight home after having spent his vacation in a cell. No need to ban him.

weero July 4, 2015

How can they ban him when they don't even know his age? So RyanAir works on cleaning up its image, it seems. I always though as these passengers are the core demographic RyanAir targets.

Indelaware July 3, 2015

One day, hopefully, there will be a universal list of banned passengers shared between all airlines. Fools like this should take the bus, walk, or row.