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In Brief: Airline Shows Travelers How They SHOULDN’T Board a Flight (VIDEO)

JetBlue recently released a 90-second video that offers travelers a “lesson” on how to not look like a rude person when they’re trying to catch a flight. The humorous clip features travelers leaping over each other as they make their way toward the gate, a woman who disguises a gourd as a young child, and several other violations of #FlightEtiquette.

The video was published Monday via Twitter alongside this brief message from JetBlue: “We promise — the plane won’t leave without you.” It is the fifth installment in the airline’s Flight Etiquette video series.

[Photo & Video: JetBlue]

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Sarfa33 July 15, 2015

JetBlue shouldn't make promises it can't keep -- the plane absolutely will leave without you if you don't show up!