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In Brief: Air India’s Walk-In Interviews Fail to Attract a Single Applicant

A recent recruitment effort by Air India didn’t turn out quite as the airline expected, with zero applicants showing up for a series of walk-in interviews. The interviews, held on Tuesday and Wednesday in Hyderabad, were part of the airline’s push to fill 197 open commander and first officer positions.

According to an unnamed Air India official, this was the first time that the airline organized walk-in interviews for captains, and the two-day effort was “completely mismanaged.”

“It’s a statement on the state of affairs at Air India that a once-sought-after job failed to attract a single applicant,” said a senior pilot. Earlier this month, the airline’s pilots union discouraged Air India from directly hiring captains, warning that it could spark unrest in the industry.

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drvannostren March 15, 2015

This idea is flawed to begin with though, most airlines recruit pilots, they don't just openly hire them. Most pilots with enough hours and whatnot would already have jobs that they don't need to leave. The proper way to hire pilots is hire young first officers with moderate experience, you're not just gonna poach pilots from other airlines.