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In Brief: 130-lb. Metal Plate Falls Off Boeing 777, Crashes Through Roof of Shanghai Factory

Authorities in China are investigating reports that a piece of metal from a Boeing 777 fell from the sky over Shanghai, plummeted through a factory roof and narrowly missed workers. State media reports the 130-lb. triangular piece of metal is part of the undercarriage cover plating.

“It is incredible that no one was killed, but even scarier that a plane is flying around with part of its landing gear broken,” one of the factory workers told Chinese media.

An investigation into the incident is underway by Chinese aviation officials. The Civil Aviation Authority is calling for airlines to pay attention to maintenance checks of aircraft to prevent similar occurrences.

For more information on this story, visit South China Morning Post.

[Photo: SCMP]

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bacondreamer July 17, 2015

I had an experience flying on a United 777 a few years ago where we ran into an issue with the nose gear door. It was about 30 min into the flight after taking off from TPE on way to NRT. We all heard a very loud wind noise for about a minute and then immediately felt the aircraft slow down. The pilot came online after a couple of minutes later informed us that they're having issue closing the landing bay door all the way and had to turn around. The plane could've continued the flight to Tokyo, but they were worried about the door falling off and damaging the fuselage or even getting ingested into the engine.