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In Brief: ♫ Nants Ingonyama Bagithi Baba ♫ — Hotel Rouses Spring Breakers With Best Alarm Clock Ever

Since 2012, the Holiday Inn Resort at Panama City Beach has been waking its spring break guests promptly at 11 a.m. to tune of a Disney classic — “Circle of Life” from The Lion King. The signature opening song featured in the 1994 Academy Award-winning film is blasted out of loudspeakers spread across the hotel, coincidentally, at the time guests are due to check out.

The “alarm clock” has given the hotel, which is a haven for spring breakers due to the number of festivities that take place around it, a unique identity. Philip Corvin, the property’s marketing director, says the song “fits with the kids and the mood and what they’re going through right now.”

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