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Impromptu Gospel Concert Creates Issue on Delta Flight

An excited gospel singer was almost escorted off her flight after a Delta Air Lines flight attendant asked her to end her impromptu concert on the aircraft.
When someone gets a deep discount on travel, they may say they got their trip “for a song.” One gospel singer almost had the opposite experience when she tried to bring her song to a Delta Air Lines flight.


Gospel singer Bobbi Storm posted the incident on her Instagram account, receiving mixed reactions from those who saw the video.


Singer Promotes Song on Airplane, Despite Flight Attendant’s Instructions

The incident happened aboard a Delta flight and was posted to her personal Instagram on Saturday, November 11, 2023. The video begins with Storm talking to the lead flight attendant, reassuring him that she was going to her seat and was not creating a disturbance. The flight reportedly had to return to the gate for a mechanical issue, and had not yet departed the airport. It is unclear which flight the incident happened aboard, or where it was departing or flying to.



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She then announces to those around her that she “sings for the lord” and was nominated that day for two Grammy Awards. Storm then goes on to promote her music to everyone, before the flight attendant asks her: “Are you going to be quiet?”


“Everyone is enjoying it, so why would I be quiet?” Storm responded.


“I’m not enjoying it, so I’m asking you to be quiet,” the flight attendant noted back.


The flight attendant goes on to tell Storm that if she is unable to remain quiet, she would not be allowed to stay aboard the aircraft. Storm agrees to the terms, but goes on to continue to promote her music to everyone near her. Furthermore, she breaks into song for those around her despite being instructed not to.


In a defense posted as a comment to her post, Storm claims: “I have sang on over 50 flights. There were NO LAWS broken here.” She continued by calling out the flight attendant in question, writing: “That flight attendant really was out of order and did not have the authority to do what he was threatening but I have places to go and wasn’t going to stoop to his level.”


In a statement to NBC News, a Delta spokesperson says they have been in touch with Storm over her issue with the aircraft. The news outlet also notes that Storm was not individually nominated for a Grammy Award, but Maverick City Music – with whom she has recorded with – was nominated for the honors.


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divrdrew November 29, 2023

This is very rude and inconsiderate behavior.  She is assuming that everyone wants to hear her.  What an ego!  If I was on the flight, I would have asked the FA to stop it was well. 

lizakramer November 23, 2023

Seems to me that she is using God in her own self-promotion. WWJD? (answer: NOT this!) 

Orange County Commuter November 23, 2023

It's an airplane, not her personal concert hall, and she was in the wrong. Delta doesn't owe  her apologies she owes the entire plane an apology for failing to be Christian in her treatment of others. What she wanted to do was the important thing where is that in her gospel background? Wonder how she felt if a rap singer had decided he wanted to curse on the plane. Would that have been OK with this woman?    

candacewcarlson November 22, 2023

I wouldn't support her purely because she wouldn't follow orders from a FA.  She had no respect for him so why should I respect her music even though she had a nice voice.

bobf November 19, 2023

Not exactly germaine, but many years ago I was on an Eastern Airlines flight NYC-FLL that boarded on time but left late (no explanation) and then after landing delayed some more before proceeding to the gate (again no explanation.) There was pax speculation that it was some sort of job action. In any event, the passengers were getting agitated, the cabin crew could offer no explanation, and then one of the crew, without any preamble,  sang a beautiful a cappella song, and it seemed the whole plane kind of relaxed.