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“Idiots:” Canadian Charter Airline Refuses to Fly Maskless Passengers

What was supposed to be a private party for social media influencers turned sour when their chartered airline refused to take them home when they wouldn’t wear face coverings.
A group of Canadian flyers traveling with a social media influencer are now stuck in Mexico, after a video of them not wearing face coverings and displaying otherwise questionable behavior went viral.


The Canadian Press reports the group was denied a return flight by charter carrier Sunwing, along with Canadian carriers Air Canada and Air Transat for their display.


Around 30 Passengers Test Positive for Virus After Mexico Trip

The trip was organized by James William Awad, who claims on Twitter to be the founder of “decentralized company” TripleOne. Travelers won tickets aboard the chartered flight in a contest ran on social media, which included the free chartered flight.


After departing on December 30, 2021, a video quickly went viral showing the passengers partying on their aircraft. Along with not wearing face coverings, the group were shown passing around a bottle of alcohol and dancing in the aisles mid-flight. After arrival, Sunwing decided to cancel the group’s return trip to Canada.




Now, the flyers appear to be stuck at their destination, with few options to return. Air Canada issued a statement to the CP saying they would deny boarding to the group “to the extent that we can identify the passengers” as a matter of safety, while Air Transat made a similar commitment on Twitter. In comments made in the French language, the CP says Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the group “idiots” and “barbarians,” but asked the Transport and Health ministries to investigate the situation.


Additionally, an outbreak of COVID-19 appears to be going through the group. One of the travelers told the CP around 30 tested positive for the virus, without any recourse to get home.


In a response statement published to Blogspot, Awad said that he tried to work with Sunwing to get a return flight, agreeing to no alcohol on board, PCR tests for all flyers prior to departure and no standing in the aisle. However, the talks broke down when “Sunwing refused to Provide Meals to the group for a 5h flight [sic].”


Face Coverings Remain a Requirement in Both U.S. and Canada

For travelers in both the United States and Canada, wearing a face mask remains a requirement for boarding a commercial aircraft. In Canada, violating regulations could result in fines of up to $5,000 CAD. In addition, the government requires passengers at least 12 years and four months old to be fully vaccinated against the virus to board a flight or train.

ProjectRebooter July 20, 2022

Last I flew in May you didn't need a mask. I wore one. But no one else did. And yeah I got COVID bad because even kn95 in a plane with no airflow (engines off during loading and unloading) is worthless. And the COVID load high. You might want to edit your copy. Also, these children deserve getting stranded. The pandemic is going no where because of all the selfish ppl who refuse to help stamp out the continually mutating variants and would rather act as a Petri dish and superspreaders.

Goetz Haindorff January 13, 2022

These are young people, who probably wanted to have a good time together and escape the Covid Nightmare for a while. Probably felt for them like old times.  Who blames them. 
Did they breach security standards for that specific flight? For sure they did. Did the flight crew handle it well? Probably not. Wlll these young people learn from their mistakes? Hopefully. 

But all these negative, judgemental, sarcastic and hostile comments in this forum from supposedly grown-up people make me think twice about the current state of human affairs. You were once young, too. Remember. And did crazy things back then, when you were in your peer group, didn´t you. And all these judgemental adults around you, scorning and ridiculing you. Did not feel nice, dit it. 


Oh poor baby you can't go without food for five hours,  you can't wear a mask and you can't act like adults.  
I feel very sorry for the country that is currently stuck hosting the toddlers. As for the toddlers. They have proven they should not be allowed to travel without  supervision. Apparently they grew up and didn't learn how to be adults so maybe they should go home and live with mommy and daddy again until they can be responsible citizens

jjmoore January 10, 2022

I challenge you to use your brain a bit - just look at data from across the country, and world for that matter... and compare mortality rates, hospitalization rates, and infection rates across countries that require intense masking and those that don't.  Then consider all of the uncontrolled variables that impact these numbers - like population density, climate impacts, genetic predisposition impacts, dietary impacts, etc. etc. etc. and then present to me your own findings based in science that prove that masking has a positive impact on the reduction of transmission.

jjmoore January 10, 2022

The data leading up to this predictive modeling in these "studies" is SO VARIABLE that they are mortified to even report on statistical significant, confidence intervals, and ACTUAL mathematical proof that there is a difference between these "controlled variables" being investigated.  These publications are not science. They are a futile attempt by previously trusted scientific institutions to throw a bunch of linear algebra equations and false conclusions at us in an attempt to scare us into believing these claims and hypotheses.