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“I Was Asleep and All of a Sudden I Was Flying Through the Air”

Three Qantas crew members received minor injuries after violent turbulence shook a Sydney-bound flight from Beijing on Monday. No passengers were hurt during the incident, which took place on-board Qantas Flight 108. The plane arrived safely into Sydney and hurt crew were assessed by medical staff.

Sudden and violent turbulence on a recent Sydney-bound Qantas flight from Beijing injured three members of cabin crew, The Daily Mail reports. The incident occurred on-board Qantas Flight 108, which, according to Nine News, arrived in Sydney on Monday.

The turbulence occurred approximately six hours into the 11-hour service.

Offering an eyewitness account of the incident, one woman told the latter outlet, “I was asleep and all of a sudden I was flying through the air. And then some of the cabin crew were actually badly injured on the flight.”

Two crew members were treated by waiting ambulance staff upon the plane’s arrival into Sydney while a third was taken to a local hospital for assessment and later released.

Commenting on the incident, a spokesperson for Qantas said, “Unexpected turbulence is why we always recommend passengers keep their seat belt firmly fastened at all times.”

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White Eagle November 15, 2019

Passengers that don't know about seat belts should take the bus.

Long Zhiren November 14, 2019

"we always recommend passengers keep their seat belt firmly fastened at all times" This statement is almost as bad as the rollercoaster announcements of not to get out of your seat until the train has come to a complete stop. There's always another fool who has no clue and then "gee. all of a sudden, I was flying through the air." Crew members and their carts of stuff are a different safety issue in unexpected turbulence. Maybe robots would be better.