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Hyatt Teams with GoPuff for Hotel Delivery Options

For travelers who need just a little more than the hotel convenience store can provide, Hyatt is teaming with GoPuff as their official delivery partner. Starting in select cities, the delivery service will offer curated lists of regularly requested items to make stays a little more comfortable.

While Hyatt Hotels are often credited with keeping many items travelers need at hand, there are some things the hotel may not have which could make a stay much more comfortable. To answer that need, the hospitality company is launching a pilot project with delivery company GoPuff to start delivering food, drinks and other goods to select hotel properties.

Hyatt x GoPuff Launch Special Menu for Hotel Guests

The new service will start at select Hyatt Place hotels in Chicago, Denver, Nashville and Phoenix through February 2022. Other hotels are 2Under the pilot plan, guests can get free delivery on items ordered through GoPuff, along with a $10 credit for their first two orders. In Nashville and Phoenix, guests will be able to order fresh meals as well, including breakfast sandwiches, coffee and matcha drinks, and pizza.

When using GoPuff through the Hyatt link, travelers will be directed to special curated order categories. According to the hospitality company, the special lists – including “Travel Essentials,” “Spa Retreat” and “Office on the Go” – were created to provide guests the most often forgotten items they are most likely to purchase.

The data and demand for such a partnership comes from a Hyatt-sponsored survey, which discovered 60 percent of respondents say they often forget to pack vital items, including toiletries, chargers, or over-the-counter medicines. The delivery service from GoPuff will complement the Hyatt Place Necessities program, which offers many common items for travelers to borrow, buy or keep.

Delivery Services Expand to Hotels for Captive Audiences

While the partnership between Hyatt and GoPuff is the first between a hospitality company and delivery provider, other companies are primed to get into the business of hotel delivery. Among others, GrubHub is actively advertising their services are available to hotel rooms nationwide.

Featured image courtesy: Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

Return2flight August 29, 2021

LOL! They bring you almost everything you need…