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Hyatt Hotels to Launch Speedy Check-in System

Hospitality giant has developed a new technology that allows guests to complete the check-in process much faster.

The hotel industry is constantly evolving and developing new ways to improve guest experience. According to Travel Pulse, hospitality giant Hyatt Hotels has developed a new technology that could drastically speed up the check-in process.

While other hotels already use self-service kiosks, Hyatt is set to launch a brand new system that will allow guests to check in using a tablet. The Chicago-based company has been working for the past two years in order to develop a system that can improve the entire check-in experience for travelers.

The new technology is currently being tested at six hotels and allows guests to make their way to their room after just a few swipes on a tablet. Even though the new system is set to be implemented at every Hyatt hotel around the world, it will most likely look different depending on which brand a guest checks in with. For example, guests may be escorted to their room by a staff member at a Park Hyatt-branded property, while guests at Hyatt Place receive complimentary drinks and more time and attention from front desk clerks.

“Empathy is essential to the world, and it’s particularly applicable to our business,” Hyatt CEO Mark Hoplamazian told Quartz. “We are serving high-end guests, and creating compelling experiences is essential to our success.”

With a much simpler check-in process, Hyatt can focus on hiring and training staff based on their personalities rather than a specific set of technical skills. Hyatt expects the new system to improve hotel efficiency since it will be simpler for staff to learn and execute, giving them more time to interact with the guests and learn their needs.

[Photo: Ángel Franco/The New York Times]

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