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How to Fly That Viral Bathroom With the Window In It

Bathroom Window Loo View

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Have you spotted that photo of a window in an airplane bathroom making its way around the internet, and are now wondering how to fly in your own “loo with a view?” We’ve got the “how to” covered, along with a few reviews of what it’s really like to relieve yourself at 30,000 feet with clouds flying by.

“The Loo with a View”

The Loo With a View is onboard Delta Air Lines’ Airbus A220-100.

This is actually this bathroom’s second round of viral fame. The first was in 2018, when Delta first launched the “Loo with a View” aboard their first A220-100 aircraft. While the aircraft offered wider economy seats and high-capacity overhead storage bins, the real story was the window in the lavatory. This subtle addition was a hit with flyers – especially because it was available to everyone in the economy cabin.


My airplane bathroom had a window in it from r/mildlyinteresting

And, this go-round, over 113,000 people on Reddit found it at least mildly interesting, quipping, “I wouldn’t leave. Better than the economy seat,” “Seriously. I secretly don’t hate the bathrooms because for a while you’re in privacy,” but most people want to know how to fly on a plane that has a bathroom with a view–largely for social media reasons–and whether or not you have to be flying in first or business class for the opportunity.

How Do I Fly It?

These planes fly with Delta, but not on every route. To find out which, check out this FlyerTalk forum thread on the routes that the plane with the Loo With a View flies. As of today, Delta operates at least 11 routes with the A220-100, with an order for 75 to enter their fleet. Roughly one-third of those aircraft are already in flight, with one more delivered on Feb. 28, 2020.

Is It Fun to Fly?

In a word, “yes.” The seats are wider, and it’s not just the window that makes the bathroom nice. The reviews on FlyerTalk also note that there’s plenty of headroom and “faucets you could actually put a human hand under,” and using the facilities next to that window is just as exciting as it sounds.


tiharoa May 14, 2020

Emirates First Class A380 plus shower

Kannai March 6, 2020

ANA's 787s, at least some of them, have windows in the economy class washrooms.

DCAFly March 5, 2020

Are there really people so preternaturally stupid as to select a routing based on whether the bathroom has a window? How about schedule, on-time stats, seat comfort, and about a gazillion other things.

hfb606 March 5, 2020

Lufthansa has has windows in their bathrooms for more than 10 years. Very sloppy reporting.

March 5, 2020

Lufthansa 747-8 first class bathroom has a window.