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How NOT to Date An Airline Employee

LH Cargo, Gruppe, FRA, den 1.07.2011

One man really went out of his way to catch the attention of a flight attendant he had fallen for—and caught the attention of every single other person on her flight as well; he called in a bomb threat in order to stop the plane from leaving so he could have just one last chance to win her affections.

One man did called in a bomb threat to stop a plane from leaving because he was enamored by a flight attendant. The unidentified 65-year-old Serbian man met two Lufthansa flight attendants and invited them both out to dinner; after the invitation he became so affectionate towards one of them (even though both women turned down his invitation) that he didn’t want her to leave. So instead, he made the bomb threat.

Lufthansa Flight LH 1411 was just about to take off from Belgrade, Serbia, to Frankfurt, Germany, when airport officials received the call. Five crew members and 130 passengers had to be evacuated from the flight so it could be moved to a remote part of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and scoured for explosives by the bomb squad.

Local police were able to trace the bomb threat call, which led them to the Serbian man. He confessed to a judge that he did it because he wanted just one chance to take his chosen flight attendant out on a date. He’s currently in custody “on pending charges of causing panic and disorder,” Travel Pulse reported.


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