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How FlyerTalk Feels About the MAX’s Return

The continued grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX is a contentious topic among all flyers. But FlyerTalkers are becoming more outspoken about the situation. As a result of everything revolving around the troubled aircraft, FlyerTalkers are calling for changes at Boeing after the extended no-fly order.

Boeing’s next-generation 737 MAX aircraft remains grounded, with no lift in the order in sight. On Sunday, July 14, 2019, American Airlines extended their canceled 737 MAX flights through November 2, 2019, giving little hope that the troubled airframe could be back in the air before the holiday season.

But once the aircraft returns to service, how will flyers take to it? While some airlines have announced waivers for those wary to travel aboard the MAX aircraft, FlyerTalkers have been discussing it amongst themselves. On the forums, many are pointing at Boeing for allowing the flight to take to the skies in the first place.

“Boeing very well could be headed for the toilet and frankly the current management failed miserably,” writes edgewood49 in response to an exposé published by The Seattle Times. “I am not flying a Max not today, not tomorrow.”

“Sadly fixes in place likely could be good enough, but the scrutiny for the Max is going well beyond, probably going to be the most scrutinized plan to be certified ever,” notes chipmaster of the re-certification process from both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). “For airlines this is problematic to have capacity grounded and why would any airlines order any more planes with the unknown always there?”

In the aftermath of the two 737 MAX crashes, Boeing’s chief executive offered apologies on national television and pledged $100 million to families affected by the two tragedies. But FlyerTalkers say that’s not enough to raise their opinion of the Chicago-based manufacturer.

“Now that the spotlight is on Boeing, it’s apparent that the entire corporate culture has deteriorated to the point where safety is NOT a top priority,” accuses FlyerTalker Plato90s. “And secrecy is the default choice when it comes to safety lapses.”

Of course, the option of rebranding remains on the table, as BBC News found one 737 destined for Ryanair lacking the “MAX” name. Some of the names suggested by community member Maestro Ramen include the “737 MIN,” or the “737 V5” – or abandoning the name altogether for a new brand, like the “797 Skycruiser.”

In their latest statement about the situation, Boeing noted they would continue to “partner with local governments and non-profit organizations” to support families and communities affected by the situation and would match donations made by employees through the end of the year.


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paj9zo August 7, 2019

The potential rebranding is just proof that the leadership of Boeing is doing everything possible to pull the wool over travelers eyes. And of course they will find out that the pig with lipstick is still the same 1960's-designed plane with engines too large and improperly placed. Boeing's leadership needs to go!

woggledog July 31, 2019

The 737 needs retiring. The LA Times did a great piece on why: https://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-fi-boeing-max-design-20190315-story.html

Tootoo July 30, 2019

Never will get on one. Start over, Boeing, lose some money, save some lives!

stanian July 27, 2019

Not for me either. Has to have the worst flight hours to crash record ever.

RSSrsvp July 26, 2019

MAX needs to be given the AXE!!! You will never see me on one!