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How American Airlines & Hyatt’s New Partnership Works

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It’s not uncommon to see airlines and hotels partner with each other to provide customers with extra incentives to use (and earn) points and miles while booking flights and accommodations. One of the newest of these partnerships has just begun, and this match is between Hyatt and American Airlines.

This new partnership is directed towards AAdvantage and World of Hyatt members who have earned elite status by frequently flying or staying enough nights per year at Hyatt properties. If you’re one of these folks, I wouldn’t waste any more time before linking your accounts! Once they’re linked, you’ll be able to start earning reciprocal rewards — but what does that mean, exactly?

If you have elite AAdvantage status as a Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro, Executive Platinum, or ConciergeKey member, you will be eligible to earn one AAdvantage mile per dollar spent at World of Hyatt properties. Alternatively, World of Hyatt members with Discoverist, Explorist, or Globalist status will be able to earn one World of Hyatt point per dollar spent on flights booked with American Airlines. Hence, reciprocal rewards.

Not only will elite members have the opportunity to earn these reciprocal points, but top-tier elites will also be able to take advantage of accelerated elite status with the sister program. For example, ConciergeKey AAdvantage members will automatically qualify for World of Hyatt Globalist status. On the other hand, World of Hyatt Explorist and Globalist members may be offered member-specific “fast-track” elite status offers which would be dependent on booking certain numbers of qualifying flights with American Airlines. Note that these offers are personally offered and will likely vary between members; details have not yet been made public.

If you aren’t a ConciergeKey AAdvantage member nor do you have elite status with Hyatt, you may have a chance to prove you deserve it. If you have top-tier elite status with AAdvantage, you may be contacted with a personalized offer to explore elite World of Hyatt Explorist status on a trial basis. By completing your personalized promotion (which could be as simple as staying 10 qualifying nights over a 90 day period) then you will maintain Explorist status through February of 2021. Stay at least 20 nights within that 90 day period, and you might even qualify for Globalist status through February of 2021.

So far, this partnership is looking good for both World of Hyatt and AAdvantage account holders, though perhaps slightly better for AAdvantage members with the information we have so far. This isn’t just because of the clearly outlined status advantages for AAdvantage members in terms of their World of Hyatt status, but also because of the wealth of properties offered by Hyatt.

Last December, Hyatt acquired Two Roads Hospitality and with that, completed license agreements for 74 operating properties. Fourteen of these properties, branded under the Joie de Vivre title, have recently been integrated into the World of Hyatt network. Still to come are the Alila Hotels and Destination Hotels brands, as well as participating Thompson properties, which will expand the Hyatt network even further. As a nice bonus, Hyatt is offering a 2,000 point bonus for a qualifying stay at each of four new brands which allow for a total potential bonus of 8,000 World of Hyatt points.

The acquisition of Two Roads Hospitality has allowed Hyatt to expand and add new properties to its collection, which makes it simple to find an ideal property to book. With these new additions it’s easier than ever to complete your trial period for Explorist status, should you be invited to do so. Not a bad way to earn your elite status!

Bottom line: this new partnership between American Airlines and Hyatt is set to be mutually beneficial, but for now, it probably works better for AAdvantage elite members looking to level-up their Hyatt status. Keep an eye out for reciprocal “fast-track” programs from American Airlines in the future, but for now, link your accounts and start earning those reciprocal rewards!

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