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Hotel Sex Is the Best Sex, Science Says

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Getting dirty in a hotel? Expect it to be way better than normal at-home bedroom play.

In another installment of science’s greatest studies, a recent one released confirms what people have been saying all along: that hotel sex is worlds better than boring at-home sex. And it’s all thanks to our miraculous brains.

Researchers found that when people have sex in a hotel, there’s an increased rush of dopamine to the brain, AOL reported. Dopamine basically runs the brain’s pleasure center and works on making us overall happier when we’re doing something – ahem, or someone – we love. The dopamine rush, coupled with the relaxation of being away from home and on vacation, brings us together in the best and happiest way.

But don’t worry. You don’t need to be away on vacation to get the same hotel room benefit. Psychologist Amy Muise told the Huffington Post that it’s better on vacations because couples are doing something new and exciting and not worrying about the stress of everything at home. And she says you can accomplish that without leaving town, too.

“Couples certainly don’t need to go on a trip to self-expand,” Muise told the Huffington Post. “Sometimes it is as simple as going to a new part of your own city, taking a class together, trying something new or even having an in-depth conversation where you learn new things about each other or see each other in a new light. But often, it is about doing things outside the bedroom that enhance desire and closeness ― which tends to lead to a greater likelihood of (and better) sex.”

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TMOliver May 9, 2017

While it was long ago, I'll never forget the No Tell Motels of the halcyon days of my youth.