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Hotel Design Promises Unique Luxury Stay as Floating Structure

The journey is the destination: for those who love to travel, Gianluca Santosuosso’s MORPHotel combines lux surrounds with ever-changing ocean scenery.

A journey without end is the dream of many a traveler, but thanks to the work of London-based designer Gianluca Santosuosso, this fantasy could one day be reality.

Neither a ship nor a hotel, Santosuosso’s design, the MORPHotel, combines elements of both to create a floating structure that gives guests a truly unique travel experience. The buoyant spine-shaped craft is comprised of a collection of capsules that house a host of lux rooms and an equally impressive array of amenities.

In Santosuosso’s vision, guests float leisurely across the seas while enjoying themselves in the structure’s pool or in one of its multiple restaurants, theaters or gardens. The capsules themselves feature numerous windows and skylights to make the most of natural light and to allow guests to enjoy the ever-changing ocean scenery.

As Santosuosso envisages it, the MORPHotel will be powered by wave and solar energy, making it entirely self-sufficient. It even boasts a helipad, enabling guests to reach it regardless of their location.

The 32-year old designer sees his work as an alternative to cruise ships and an interesting take on the concept of a conventional hotel.

He spoke of the inspiration behind his design to the Daily Mail, saying, “When I started to think about the project I first wondered to myself what the most luxurious thing we have is? The answer was time. From this came the idea, and then concept, of this never ending travel across the world without a precise destination, without hurry.”

He added, “I believe the idea of the journey itself, without a precise destination, is a dream shared among most people. This is the reason why this project, the idea behind it, raised the interest of many people, especially in the hospitality industry.”

While still in the concept phase, Santosuosso believes that there is sufficient interest in the design to bring the MORPHotel to life. “I am quite confident that nowadays, with the right technologies, (it) would be possible to build something following the concept of MORPHotel,” he said.

[Photo: MORPHotel]

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