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Hotel Bonus Point Promotions You Should Nab in Fall

It’s finally Fall (does anyone else have an aversion to Summer like I do?). This means most of us will be traveling – if not for work or leisure, it will be to spend time with family over the holidays. Luckily, the major rewards programs have not left us high and dry. There are plenty of great bonus point promotions to be taken advantage of. Here’s are the current hotel bonus point promotions through the end of the year:



You can always count on Hilton Honors for consistency (if you’re willing to forgive the 2012 devaluation). Through January 3, 2019 Hilton is offering double or triple points, depending on the hotel type. Luxury and resort stays earn 3x points, while all others earn 2x points. With Hilton’s generous earning structure and credit card bonuses, this promotion is going to be pretty lucrative for those of you who have upcoming paid stays.



Hyatt’s fall promotion is pretty basic (i.e. boring): Stay 5 nights and earn 2,500 points. After that, members will earn additional bonuses on up to 40 nights:

  • 5 nights = 2,500 bonus points
  • 10 nights = 5,000 bonus points (7,500 total)
  • 20 nights = 10,000 bonus points (17,500 total)
  • 30 nights = 17,500 bonus points (35,000 total)
  • 40 nights + 25,000 bonus points (60,000 total)

The promotion is valid for stays through November 30,2018.


IHG Rewards Club

Through December 16, 2018 IHG Rewards Club is offering double points on all stays, plus varying targeted bonuses. In my case, I got targeted for 7,200 bonus points for downloading and booking 3 stays with the IHG mobile app. In addition, I can earn 16,800 points after staying two weekends. Not as exciting as past Accelerate offers I’ve been targeted for, but I’m sure some of you will find bonuses like this useful.


Marriott Rewards

Remember when Marriott’s MegaBonus was, well, a mega bonus? Those days are pretty much gone. Marriott’s latest MegaBonus promotion runs through January 31, 2019 and offers 2,000 bonus points on all stays of two or more nights. Members also earn 1,000 bonus points per brand, starting with the second brand. Staying at 10 brands gets you an extra 10,000 bonus points, while staying at all 29 brands gets you 29,000 bonus points. To quote Shania Twain, that don’t impress me much.

I get this is Marriott’s way of reinforcing the new unified brand, but I doubt most people are going to stay at all 29 brands this quarter.


Radisson Rewards

Leave it to Radisson Rewards to have lots of irons in the fire. There are currently half a dozen promotions on their offers page. Of note is the 5,000 Aeroplan bonus running through November 30 and double points at select hotels. Throw in the generous bonus from the Radisson Rewards Visa and the points really stack up.

In addition to these bonus point promotion, it’s always a good idea to rack up extra points by using the hotel program’s mobile app. Radisson Rewards, for example, is offering 3,000 bonus points when you book your first stay with the app. It’s a simple, convenient way to earn additional points on paid stays.


Which of these hotel rewards program promotions will you take advantage of this year?


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