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Hong Kong Prepares for Typhoon as Airlines Suspend Flights

Cathay Pacific, Dragonair and Hong Kong Airlines have cancelled services out of the city and are warning that disruption could continue into mid-week.

Typhoon Nida is bearing down on Hong Kong, with many airlines suspending their operations as high winds, heavy rain and storm surges lash the metropolitan area.

Bloomberg reported that, as of 10 p.m. local time on Monday, both Cathay Pacific and its subsidiary Dragonair have suspended their operations to and from Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). The disruption is expected to last until Tuesday afternoon, but both Cathay and Dragonair have warned that further delays could continue well into Wednesday.

Cathay Pacific addressed the issue in a statement on its website, saying, “We sincerely apologize to our customers for the suspension of flights brought about by the typhoon. Safety has always been our top priority. “

It added, “Our staff are trying very hard to provide alternative flight arrangements for affected passengers; however, there are significant challenges as many flights are operating at high load factors during this peak summer travel period.”

The carrier also advised that any re-booking or rerouting charges would be waived for affected passengers.

Another carrier, Hong Kong Airlines, also advised that its operations out of HKG had been suspended and that it too would waive any passenger re-booking fee or charges.

Nida is the strongest storm to hit the city this typhoon season and is due to affect the entirety of the heavily-populated Pearl River Estuary region.

According to the latest bulletin from forecasters at the Hong Kong Observatory, “…gale winds are affecting many parts of Hong Kong with squalls, heavy rain and rough seas…”.

While the western part of Nida’s eye had passed over the city, forecasters warned that, “…the public are advised not to relax their precautions as Hong Kong will be affected by the eastern part of Nida’s eyewall with winds turning to southwesterlies.”

“Places which have been sheltered before will become more exposed to the high winds,” it added.

With disruption at HKG still on-going, the airport has stated that passengers should contact their carrier or, “…check with the airport’s website or the flight information display screens for the latest flight information.”


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fairhsa August 2, 2016

Spent the night at the airport hotel. Cathay cancelled far too many flights (way before the weather got even slightly bad) and then didn't bother to inform passengers or help anyone out. As a Marco Polo Diamond, my experience was just as bad as everyone else's - no special assistance - but because I use a travel agent to book, at least they sorted it out for me since Cathay didn't bother. I was pretty disgusted with the way they handled it actually. Anyway - still waiting for a flight....been here nearly 24 hours now.