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Hong Kong Airlines Flight Cleared for Takeoff on Cathay-Occupied Runway

Last month, an Airbus A330 operated by Hong Kong Airlines was allegedly waiting for take-off clearance while a Cathay Pacific cargo plane landed on the same runway at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG).

Responding to the incident, a Civil Aviation Department spokesperson said, “The investigation team will continue to collect and study all relevant information in order to determine the circumstances and cause of the serious incident. More in-depth investigation and analysis have to be conducted before any conclusion can be drawn.”

To read more on this story, go to South China Morning Post.

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AADFW January 29, 2018

The first paragraph of this story is inaccurate, and not what was reported by the SCMP. The Cathay Pacific freighter was crossing the end of the runway and had not yet cleared when the Hong Kong Airlines A330 was given takeoff clearance. The Cathay flight reported that they were not finished crossing and ATC requested that the Hong Kong Airlines flight stop its roll, which it did immediately. It was a bad mistake on the part of the controller, but really not that dramatic if one listens to the ATC tape.