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Hong Kong Airlines Cuts LAX Route, 20 More Per Week

Hong Kong Airlines is struggling financially and as a result, will be cutting some services — that includes getting rid of the Hong Kong to Los Angeles route and then culling operations by a further 6 percent as the airline struggles to remain afloat amid social unrest in Hong Kong and ongoing protests.

Partially due to social unrest and ongoing protests in Hong Kong, the financial condition of Hong Kong Airlines has continued to get worse and worse. And now, the airline is planning to make some drastic changes.

“The Situation Is a Matter of Concern”

“After reviewing the financial improvement plans and financial information recently submitted by HKA, the bureau is of the view that HKA’s financial situation has not improved, and that the situation is a matter of concern,” Hong Kong’s Transport and Housing Bureau said in a statement, reported by the South China Morning Post.

As cost-saving measures—and because the Transport and Housing Bureau of Hong Kong strongly suggested it—the airline will cut its route to and from Los Angeles, as well as cut back operations by a further 6 percent. That means about 20 flights per week are getting axed.

“It is hoped that this will help improve the operation of Hong Kong Airlines,” the statement said. “The government also requires Hong Kong Airlines to make appropriate arrangements to cater for the interests of passengers and staff.”

This is in addition to changes already made: pay cuts for senior executives, the institution of no-pay leave for employees on absences of up to four days, and already trimmed routes and schedules.

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