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Homeless Man Arrested After Beating Tourist Outside NYC Grand Hyatt With 2×4

A homeless man with previous arrests for assault strikes again outside a hotel in Midtown, New York City.

Over the weekend, a New York City homeless man was arrested for assaulting a tourist outside the Grand Hyatt Hotel on E. 42nd Street. John Addis, 40, reportedly walked up to Xiaoming Huang, 51, Saturday morning as the Chinese tourist exited the hotel and struck him in the face with a 2-by-4, breaking Huang’s nose.

“I heard the punch and I turned around and the guy was hitting the floor,” a Hyatt employee told New York Daily News. “All I saw was [Huang] lying on the floor, bleeding profusely. There was a lot of blood.”

Addis was then witnessed casually walking away from the scene as if nothing happened.

“He just crossed the street, like that … he didn’t care,” said livery car driver Jose Johnson. “He looked crazy. He didn’t say sorry.”

Police later caught and arrested Addis. According to prosecutors, Addis told the arresting officer: “The guy deserved it, I only hit him,” and later told another officer “I knocked the f*** out of him.”

Addis has a history of violence in the area. In February, just four blocks from the Hyatt, he punched a woman in the face and spent 30 days in jail as a result. In May, also not far from the Hyatt, he punched a 7-Eleven employee.

In this most recent attack, Addis was arrested and held for second degree assault and harassment charges, on $10,000 cash bail. According to a prosecutor during the court hearing, Addis did not seem to care about the incident and was unrepentant.

[Photos: Theodore Parisienne, New York Daily News]

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notsosmart July 31, 2015

bearbick, you're a twit. guess which city in north america has the largest "chinese and asian" population? think hard, I know it will take you longer. and yea, the guy should spend more time in jail for longer than 30 days this time.

leonidas July 29, 2015

@bearbrick I think that you got it backwards. An incident that is meant to terrorize people should be ignored, and steps should be taken to prevent further such incidents. Your argument is similar to saying that airports are potential targets so people should stop flying, or that NYC had a terrorist attack to people should stay indoors.

thebug622 July 29, 2015

He was held on a $10,000 cash bail for a previous assault so why would he be released without bail ? You may have a personal beef with the mayor of NYC but he may not even have been in office when this guy assaulted the previous people.If you want to cast blame lay it on Ronnie Reagan for letting the crazies out of jail he threw out the Mental systems act

TMOliver July 29, 2015

Looking at the guy's record, multiple assaults against non-Chinese, I suspect Chinese tourists are not his sole target, simply anyone who is in the wrong place at the wrong time... But then it's NYC, where he 'll be released without bail, and if he shows up for trial, receive 30 days in the pokey, then be released to wreak havoc on locals and tourists alike. But then, that's DeBlasio's New York. Why doesn't the mayor take him to live in Gracey Mansion and be rehabilitated with kind words and street drugs?

diburning July 29, 2015

Please explain to me how one deranged homeless man on a violent rampage makes Asians (Chinese are Asians too) unwelcome in this country.