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Hollywood Burbank Airport Closes Terminal B Due To Lack Of Demand

Hollywood Burbank Airport is officially closing one of its terminals due to lack of demand during the coronavirus outbreak. After 6 p.m. on Friday, all flights, ticket counters, baggage services, and security screenings will move to Terminal A.

When Will Terminal B Re-Open?

Terminal B will remain closed until further notice.

What Else Is Closed?

If you’ve traveled to Burbank Airport recently, you may have noticed that many of its parking lots are closed. This is also due to a drop in traffic. Hollywood Burbank’s Lots A and C, and valet parking, are closed.

Is LAX Still Open?

Traffic is down around 90 percent from this time last year, but Los Angels International Airport is still open despite speculation that it might close. However, travelers should note that a police officer assigned to Burbank International Airport tested positive for coronavirus.

Officials at LAX have endeavored to make it safe by installing 250 additional hand sanitizer stations and increased deep cleaning throughout the airport, with special attention to high-touch areas like handrails, door handles and elevator buttons.


RJ1 April 11, 2020

Whoever wrote this didn't even get the airport name correct... "Los Angels International Airport".

OMSHH April 10, 2020

As if to suggest that you reading something somewhere makes it real, otherwise, it is not! It is "speculation" and as such, the need to verify it is useless at best.

RJ1 April 10, 2020

Please cite the reference to speculation that LAX would be closed. I've not read that anywhere.

AS Flyer April 9, 2020

At this point, does it really matter if a police officer assigned to BUR has tested positive. Going into an airport anywhere you should just assume that someone at one of the airlines operating there, or one of the airport workers have tested positive. As far as that goes, why is there an article about BUR airport closing one terminal temporarily? Airports the world over are like ghost towns with many consolidating operations in certain areas to save money. The reporting here often leaves me shaking my head.