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Historic German Airport Could Become a Drive-In Sex Booth

The old Tempelhof Airport in Berlin has been sitting mostly unused since it closed down, though it is considered a park and residents can rollerblade there — but maybe not for too much longer, because one lawmaker wants to add drive-in prostitution booths to the site to improve the safety of sex workers.

The old Tempelhof Airport in Berlin has been living its recent life as a giant park for local residents, where they can lounge and rollerblade on what used to be runways. But that may be changing if Stephan von Dassel, mayor of Berlin’s central Mitte district, has his way. Dassel wants to transform the old airport into a series of sex booths, including drive-in ones, where clients can go meet the workers.

Dassel says putting the booths in a central area will help regulate the practice, allow for private places for clients and customers to meet, keep sex workers safe, take pimps off residential streets, boost sex workers’ incomes, and provide a place where workers can get health information.

Some residents, though, don’t believe that putting the booths into the old airport site would be safer for sex workers.

“It seemed controlled here [in town],” Berlin resident Sarah Tiba told CNN. “I feel like it is moving it to a place where it is less of an inconvenience for rich people. I felt happy when they were fine on a street corner, rather than pushing them out of sight. The men who went with them were very visible, so it felt like some control. But if it moves out of sight, it might be less safe.”


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Gallivanter August 17, 2019

This story is utter nonsense. First of all, Tempelhof airport is not within Stephan von Dassel's jurisdiction. As stated, he is the mayor of Berlin’s central Mitte district which is not where Tempelhof is. Secondly, current plans indicate the former terminal buildings will undergo renovation and be used as a multi-purpose development including retail, exhibition and conference space. As for drive-in sex bays, these already exist in numerous European cities, Zurich being the latest to add them to keep curb-crawling to a lesser level. Since Berlin is a very expansive city areawise, the suggestion is useless for most of those who would seek such 'entertainment' as most clientele already know where to go in Berlin. Giving such attention to the utterances of one official who may well have made them in jest or as an off the cuff remark is yellow journalism and unworthy of any further attention.

KayVeeBee August 17, 2019

"Look at Paris, Burssels, London, Hamburg..." What’s keeping you?

sokolov August 16, 2019

I would ask the sex workers to learn what they need to improve their safety. And where.

SarcasticMisanthrope August 15, 2019

Adds new meaning to "Fly Me".

jjmoore August 15, 2019

This is just more liberal lunacy polluting the beautiful relics of man-made (in this case) and natural relics. What a shame. Everything they touch turns into crime-ridden, impoverished ghetto littered with filth and contamination. Look at Paris, Burssels, London, Hamburg.... enough said.