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Hilton Changes “Do Not Disturb” Policy in Relation to “Suspicious Behavior”

Closed door of hotel room with please do not disturb sign

Hilton has altered its Do Not Disturb policy for guests staying at its properties, stating that if guests have not had their rooms serviced by hotel staff for 24 hours, hotel management reserves the right to enter the room in order to ensure that everything is in order.

“We understand and respect your need for privacy. The hotel reserves the right to visually inspect all guest rooms every 24 hours to ensure the well-being of our guests and confirm the condition of the room. If service is refused for this length of time, a member of hotel management will check on the guest room.”

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Annalisa12 March 26, 2018

I don't get why people are worried if a hotel worker wants to take a peek in to the room to check that the guest is not stock piling guns, bombs or whatever.

nydisneykid January 5, 2018

Throw the door latch. Case closed

top987 January 4, 2018

I'm sure that the pending lawsuits from the Las Vegas shooting are prompting this. And while the outrage and demands by overdahill are warranted, good luck getting any hotel manager to agree to any, much less all of those. First will be the statement that it's a policy they can't selectively enforce, and next it will be a go stay somewhere else.

thebug622 January 2, 2018

I believe the Las Vegas killings had something to do with this new policy

c502cid January 2, 2018

Why do you need to enter? Did my credit card suddenly decline? I sure don't need my bed made every day, nor do I need new towels every day (helping the world go green according to your room card!). I'm paying for the room, asking you to stay out, and you are going to make a policy to come in? We do have choices you know.