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Hilton Announces First Honors Promotion of 2021

In anticipation of welcoming travelers back to their hotels in 2021, Hilton Honors announced their first promotion, with unlimited points on the line. Guests can earn 2,000 bonus Honors points with every stay, and 5,000 bonus points after staying five nights.

Hilton Honors is offering flyers the opportunity to earn unlimited points in 2021, with every stay earning extra points. The Points Unlimited promotion begins on Jan. 1, 2021, offering bonuses for checking in and staying a combined total of five nights at properties.

Honors Members Earn 2,000 Points for Stays, 5,000 Points After Five Nights

The promotion runs through May 2, 2021, giving frequent travelers just over four months to earn “Points Unlimited.” It is only open to Hilton Honors members, requiring guests to register before their first stay. Those who are not members can sign up and immediately register for the promotional offer.

Every stay at a participating Hilton Honors property will earn guests 2,000 Hilton Honors points, in addition to the number of points they earn from staying, their loyalty status, or using a Hilton Honors co-branded credit card. Moreover, staying a combined total of five nights at participating properties will net guests an additional 5,000 bonus points.

Once guests reach the five-night mark, their count resets towards their next 5,000 bonus. During the promotional period, there’s no limit to the number of bonus points travelers can receive for check-ins and staying a combined total of five nights.

While the points may not be limited, there are some rules guests need to know. The bonus only applies to stays made after registration – any nights stayed before the member registers will not receive extra points. All stays must be complete by May 2, 2021. Stays that start before that date and end afterwards will not qualify for a bonus. Members can stack this promotion with others the hotel operates, resulting in bonuses on top of bonuses. Finally, bonus point will be applied to the Hilton Honors member account in six to eight weeks of a completed stay.

Bonus Comes Ahead of Hilton Honors Cutting Elite Status Requirements

The Points Unlimited promotion comes as Hilton Honors is preparing to reduce their elite status requirements by 50 percent in the new year. Starting Jan. 1, 2021, the number of nights or points to achieve elite status will be cut in half, with Honors Silver status achievable with five nights, two stays or 25,000 base points earned.

scsubasteve78 December 29, 2020

We need more lifetime bans or at least 10 year bands for this kind of behavior, and I don't mean the kid.