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Hilton and Marriott Are Donating Free Hotel Rooms for Medical Workers Responding to the Coronavirus

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Everyone is joining in the fight against the coronavirus, including major hotel brands. Hilton and Marriott are now opening up their hotel rooms to those in the medical field that are providing treatment to patients suffering from the coronavirus. Over 1 million Hilton and Marriott Hotel rooms all around the country are available for these first responders (and their families).
Many of those healthcare workers have to travel long distances to and from their homes after putting in very long days. These hotel rooms will save them time on their commute to allow them to get more rest between patients.
The rooms are available for doctors, nurses, EMTs. paramedics and other medical staff working on the front line until the end of May. Hilton and Marriott are partnering with around a dozen associations that represent millions of health care workers. Those associations help them to provide the best possible arrangements for the health care workers. The hotels are located in many cities, including New York City, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington, DC, and Newark.
flyzabit April 15, 2020

What concerns me is that Marriott (Sorenson) made a big deal about laying off so many employees, and probably a fair number may lose their home or apartment due to loss of wages. This would appear to be both owned and franchised. (Yes nice to help first responders to quarantine...but...) However, I remember a very different Marriott (Bill Marriott, Jr.) after Hurricane Katrina who decided to "Choose The Right" (path). In an interview as a motivational speaker the following year, the moderator asked him why he chose to house the many affected Marriott employees and their families whose homes/living spaces had flooded in the hotels, instead of renting the rooms to repair and relief workers, and asked about how much money he lost. BIll Jr. looked incredulous and shook his head, and then said, "BECAUSE IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO". My loyalty went to Marriott for that. Not any more, Sorenson! Money first before employees.

MimiB22 April 15, 2020

My niece, a critical care nurse in Florida, is volunteering to travel to NYC to relieve hard pressed nursing staff. We're worried for her, but full of admiration too. I'm going to pass on this news as I don't know if she has made arrangements for where to stay while working there.

Sabai April 14, 2020

How about Trump hotels?