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Here’s Another Video of Baggage Handlers That Went Viral

A new passenger video that went viral in the last few days appears to show baggage handlers at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) getting reckless with checked baggage.

This the way that our beloved luggage is treated!! I made the video this morning once my flight landed in #hongkongairport #cathaydragon #cathaypacific #cathaypacificairways #travelblogger #travelers #luggage the flight was CX5617 xiamen- hongkong departure 7:40am 27 of September . Landed on hongkong airport around 9:00 am.

Posted by Marcela Fernanda Solis Walker on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

“We sincerely apologise to the passengers of our customer airlines in this particular incident,” said a spokesperson for Hong Kong Airport Services.

To read more on this story, go to South China Morning Post.

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Irpworks October 4, 2018

They clearly employ too many people as well as bad folk.

pdsales October 3, 2018

I hate your luggage! I would stomp on it too except that would be too much work.

avitaltr October 3, 2018

Amazing! I just changed my suitcase to a hard case because if these videos. Can't trust them...