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Here Are the Cheapest Flight to Europe From Every U.S. State

Here Are the Cheapest Flight to Europe From Every U.S. State

If you’re planning a trip to Europe, now is the time to go. Thrillist reports that in a time of super cheap deals to Europe with special deals happening for as low as $99, flights have never been cheaper—even if you do end up paying in the triple digits.

One takeaway is that it is often cheapest to fly to Reykjavik, Iceland from many states. Dublin, Ireland is another cheap European destination that you might not always think of. Take a look at the lowest priced flights to Europe from every state, via travel guru website Kayak.


Airport: HSV
Destination: Frankfurt, Germany – $875

Airport: BHM
Destination: Paris, France – $1,110

Airport: ANC
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $677

Airport: PHX
Destination: Madrid, Spain – $563

Airport: TUS
Destination: Zurich, Switzerland – $805

Airport: MEM
Destination: London, England – $1,068

Airport: LAX
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $404

Airport: SFO
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $442

Airport: SAN
Destination: Dublin, Ireland – $766

Airport: DEN
Destination: Brussels, Belgium – $379

Airport: BDL
Destination: Edinburgh, Scotland – $548

Airport: BWI
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $359

Airport: MCO
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $541

Airport: MIA
Destination: Madrid, Spain – $545

Airport: TPA
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $615

Airport: ATL
Destination: Budapest, Hungary – $640

Airport: SAV
Destination: London, England – $830

Airport: HNL
Destination: London, England – $906

Airport: KOA
Destination: London, England – $960

Airport: BOI
Destination: Venice, Italy – $468

Airport: ORD
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $450

Airport: IND
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $788

Airport: DSM
Destination: London, England – $898

Airport: MCI
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $600

Airport: CVG
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $509

Airport: SDF
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $789

Airport: MSY
Destination: Dublin, Ireland – $732

Airport: BOS
Destination: Stockholm, Sweden – $479

Airport: BWI
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $359

Airport: BOS
Destination: Stockholm, Sweden – $479

Airport: DTW
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $409

Airport: GRR
Destination: Rekjavik, Iceland – $789

Airport: MSP
Destination: Budapest, Hungary – $463

Airport: MSY
Destination: Dublin, Ireland – $732

Airport: MCI
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $600

Airport: STL
Destination: Dublin, Ireland – $752

Airport: BZN
Destination: Dublin, Ireland – $797

Airport: BIL
Destination: Dublin, Ireland – $822

Airport: OMA
Destination: Dublin, Ireland – $864

Airport: LAS
Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark – $563

Airport: RNO
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $871

New Hampshire
Airport: BOS
Destination: Stockholm, Sweden – $479

New Jersey
Airport: EWR
Destination: Paris, France – $521

New Mexico
Airport: ABQ
Destination: Geneva, Switzerland – $705

New York
Airport: JFK
Destination: Paris, France – $517

Airport: BUF
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $740

North Carolina
Airport: RDU
Destination: Dublin, Ireland – $665

Airport: CLT
Destination: Dublin, Ireland – $739

North Dakota
Airport: BIL
Destination: Dublin, Ireland – $822

Airport: CLE
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $457

Airport: CMH
Destination: Dublin, Ireland – $694

Airport: CVG
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $509

Airport: TUL
Destination: Venice, Italy – $760

Airport: OKC
Destination: Venice, Italy – $952

Airport: PDX
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $642

Airport: PIT
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $319

Airport: PHL
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $497

Rhode Island
Airport: BOS
Destination: Stockholm, Sweden – $479

South Carolina
Airport: CHS
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $789

South Dakota
Airport: OMA
Destination: Dublin, Ireland – $864

Airport: BNA
Destination: Dublin, Ireland – $771

Airport: MEM
Destination: London, England – $1,068

Airport: IAH
Destination: Madrid, Spain – $598

Airport: AUS
Destination: London, England – $642

Airport: SLC
Destination: Venice, Italy – $468

Airport: BTV
Destination: London, England – $780

Airport: RIC
Destination: Dublin, Ireland – $793

Airport: ORF
Destination: London, England – $845

Airport: SEA
Destination: Munich, Germany – $663

West Virginia
Airport: PIT
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland $319

Airport: MKE
Destination: London, England – $835

Airport: BIL
Destination: Dublin, Ireland – $822

Washington DC
Airport: IAD
Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland – $482


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  1. JimInOhio

    May 12, 2018 at 6:53 am

    I doubt most people consider Reykjavik to be in Europe, at least as far as a destination is concerned. Maybe the staff can rerun this report of best air fares and exclude Reykjavik? I think the results would be useful to readers.

  2. KevinInRI

    May 12, 2018 at 9:50 am

    Don’t forget Rhode Island has its own international airport as well. Direct flights from PVD to Ireland (Dublin and Cork) on Norwegian Air can be had for as low as $354 r/t in August or $250 later in the year.

  3. LostInAmerica

    May 12, 2018 at 10:06 am

    MEM is not in Arkansas, PIT is not in West Virginia, MSY is not in Mississippi, SLC is not in Idaho, OMA is not in South Dakota, BIL is not in North Dakota, BOS is not in Maine or Rhode Island and CVG is not really in Ohio.
    Misleading/inaccurate title, research shortcuts or just poor geography? These states may not all have large, international airports but they do have commercial flights.
    What about using LTR, CRW, JAN, BOI, FSD, MOT, PVD?

  4. makrom

    May 12, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Iceland is a nice country, but why would you fly there if you want to go to Europe? If you look for cheap tickets from japan to the US, you won’t settle for flights to Guam either…

  5. strickerj

    May 12, 2018 at 6:45 pm

    Some of these seem a bit mixed up – MEM under Arkansas, BWI under Delaware, SLC under Idaho, etc. I take it if a state doesn’t have cheap flights to Europe, an airport in a neighboring state was listed instead?

  6. princeville

    May 12, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    Someone should correct Idaho. SLC is in another state.

  7. amanuensis


    May 13, 2018 at 7:40 am

    Saying that you are including every state implies that airports from every state will be included. I can understand omitting a Delaware airport but every other state should have been represented by at least one airport located within the state.

    And IAD should have been listed under Virginia, not DC.

  8. Tsun

    May 13, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    What is the point of this article? Even if all possible city pairs were checked at the time of writing (and I really doubt that), it’s very likely already outdated…

  9. irishguy28

    May 15, 2018 at 12:16 am

    I’m going to Graceland, Graceland, Memphis Arkansas
    I’m going to Graceland.

  10. RUAMKZ

    June 2, 2018 at 9:04 pm

    Problem with the London fares, is that they are usually cheaper….but then you have the hideous departure taxes there. So they may not ultimately end up cheaper in the long run.

    MEM would make sense for the “Arkansas” airport, if it was about direct international flights, since XNA and LIT don’t have them, and MEM is the closest for direct international. What does not make sense, is that the logic doesn’t apply consistently on the list.

    Also, PHL is just as much the “second Delaware” airport, as BWI is.

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