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Heathrow Airport Temporarily Closes Terminals 3 and 4

London Heathrow Airport will be closing Terminals 3 and 4. The temporary closures will begin on April 16, 2020. Heathrow officials have not announced a date when these two terminals will open again. This is Heathrow’s second major adjustment due to the coronavirus. Earlier this month, Heathrow moved to single runway operation.
Heathrow officials made the announcement via an email sent out to customers on April 15:
“As part of Heathrow’s efforts to stay as safe as possible, airline operations will start to temporarily relocate from Terminals 3 and 4 to Terminals 2 and 5 from Thursday, April 16, 2020. If you are traveling, please check our terminal guide for your airline.”

Who Will Be Moving

Heathrow airport will begin moving Cathay Pacific, Emirates, and Pakistan International Airlines to Terminal 2. All British Airways flights (including any flights that would have normally operated from Terminal 3) are currently operating out of Terminal 5. Other moves will take place “over the coming weeks.”

How to Keep Track

Heathrow officials advise that, during the transition period, passengers traveling through Heathrow airport “keep in touch with their airline to confirm which terminal their flight departs from before traveling to the airport.”

Heathrow’s Plans

Heathrow airport said this week that passenger numbers for March 2020 are 52% lower than passenger numbers in March 2019. Passenger numbers in April 2020 are expected to fall by 90% compared to the previous year.
However, while passenger flights are down, cargo-only flights are up. On March 31, 38 cargo-only flights took place at Heathrow. Normally, Heathrow only flies around 47 cargo-only flights per week.
Clearspan April 19, 2020

I appreciate the news and your keeping an eye on LHR. By the same token, please ask the photo editor to identify the image used as 2025 LHR, not 2020's LHR. Your image shows the fully realized expansion. It is YEARS AWAY. Many thanks, Clearspan

SamirD April 19, 2020

Yep, a lot of cost cutting in the name of being safe, but hey if it allows the businesses/entities to survive to be there for us later, I'm for it.

bayswater1944 April 17, 2020

Terminal 3 seems to be open and closed at the same time!

KRSW April 17, 2020

I'm not sure what this has to do with safety as they allege. Cost cutting, certainly, and reasonable.