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Have You Wondered Why Airplane Seats Are Blue?

As you may have noticed, seats on many modern day aircraft are blue. The color is not uncommon in hospitals and other companies as well. Why? According to Color Wheel Pro, a software website that allows you to create color schemes, blue “slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect.”

The company also says the color is often associated with tranquility and sincerity and companies whose product(s) revolve around cleanliness often utilize it.

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chris19992 August 13, 2017

Really? so hard up for news you're putting obvious clickbait articles on here now? Seats are "always" blue? How about just no, they are not and anyone who had ever flown a non budget airline would know that.

BLONDIEandDAGWOOD August 11, 2017

Interesting, I must be color blind then as the seats on United appear blue to me, but we all know they are really red! Red color enrages Bulls into attacking

gbs1112 August 11, 2017

Yeas ago I worked in Japan. The newly arrived self-important wife of the CEO of a US company wanted a green kitchen bin to match her proposed décor but was told that only blue bins were available because blue bins discouraged flies. She imported a green bin from the US but her kitchen was plagued by files until she gave in and bought a blue one