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Haunting China Airlines Ad Goes Viral

What does travel bring you?

For the passengers of China Airlines, it seems that travel brought them an injury, a shotgun wedding, an unwanted pregnancy, a new face and a curse – at least, that’s what the latest commercial highlights. It’s haunting and unorthodox, and the song “Something’s Coming Over Me” by The Darkness is melancholic and evocative.

And the viewers loved every second of it.

“You never know what travel will bring to your life,” reads a message in the English-version of the ad. The original ad quickly became viral in a span of one month, garnering 6 million views on YouTube since being published.

In a June press release, Senior Vice President Ya-Mei Lo said: “The best way to relax the mind and body is to take a holiday. It will also leave you with great memories.” That’s a great message but it oddly downplays the dark theme of the commercial.

Lo adds, “They may even receive an unexpected surprise and come home with special souvenirs of their own!”

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ChaseTheMiles July 23, 2019

drvannostren, Seoul is nicknamed the plastic surgery capital of the world.

ChaseTheMiles July 23, 2019

drvannostren, Seoul is nicked the plastic surgery capital of the world.

greytop13 July 22, 2019


drvannostren July 20, 2019

I liked it, although I'm not totally sure I get it. I didn't understand the Seoul gag. Didn't get the Edinburgh figurine joke either. Loved some of the other ones, as someone who lives in Vancouver where CI flies, I kinda wish we were included, though I'm not totally sure what it would've been. I feel like the Gold Coast pregnancy scare could've also been Whistler haha