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“Hassle-Free” Airport for Trusted Passengers Could Be Coming

Montreal, PQ, Canada - November 15, 2015: Airline passengers waiting in line to pass through airport security at Pierre Eliott Trudeau airport

Lines at security have become a normal part of the airport experience, but Hitit Computer Services, an Istanbul-based IT company, believes that – thanks to concepts such as IATA’s One ID – these will one day be confined to posterity. Hitit offered its thoughts at the 2018 AIR Convention in Vilnius.

Long lines at security checkpoints have become a normalized part of the airport experience for many travelers around the world, but one IT company is hoping that these will one day be confined to the past. Exhibiting at the AIR Convention 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania, late last month, Istanbul-based Hitit Computer Services offered up what it sees as a viable and calmer option to conventional security checkpoints.

Ozge Akinci, Hitit’s training product manager, offered her insight into how technology could be utilized to help shape the future passenger experience. In her presentation, she spoke specifically of the International Air Transport Association‘s (IATA) One ID, which, according to a document issued by the association “seeks to introduce a streamlined, friction-free and passenger-centric process that allows an individual to assert their identity, online or in person, to the required level at every process step.”

This new concept of managing passengers, IATA says, offers a more “seamless, efficient and secure” experience.

Speaking of this concept for processing travelers, Ozge was quoted in a company statement as saying, “With technological innovation and following passengers future trends and behaviors, passengers will be able to walk into the airport without having to stop at the check-in counter or pass through security. A trusted traveller will be able to just walk through an airport and board the plane. They will not need to interact with any airline employee. It will all be hassle-free.”

Explaining Hitit’s role in these kind of innovations, she said, “At Hitit, we are observing closely and tracking all technological developments in the industry. We continue to deliver on our partner airlines demands, with state-of-the-art technology.”

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CaptHolic October 26, 2018

That day can not come soon enough! I can't wait until we can truly get all the way to our seat without being forced to talk with some TSA minion that struggles to spell TSA... The world should model it's security to DXB's. Borderline none existent and gloriously fast! As long as you "look" western that is :)

alexmyboy October 5, 2018

you first Turkish Airlines

kthomas October 5, 2018

Is this comedy?

sdsearch October 5, 2018

One question would be; What technology will allow, without humans, a trusted traveler to pass with carry-on bags in tow, and yet not let anyone sneak in right behind them. It's one thing to identify a trusted traveler, but systems I've seen that let only one passenger through tend to be hard to calibrate so they let through passenger who are towing stuff behind them and yet never let through an extra person. And I'm wondering how much redesign of each airport this would require.

Taggsflyer October 4, 2018

IATA has been pushing its OneID concept for a few years: its an airline organisation so wants to encourage passengers by making their passage from street or station as easy and as quick as possible. But thing: hacking, skimming, cloning... this will be a terrorists dream. That's why the ICAO will still insist on physical documents (passports etc) which can be examined by humans as well as machines. Some time in the next year or two there will be a big bust-up over this between IATA and ICAO.