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Pro-Pod People In the British Airways Forum

The recent proliferation of airport-based businesses renting sleep pods and tiny private suites by the hour has inspired a unique proposal for curbing the number of air travelers hogging more than their fair share of seats at the British Airways Galleries Club. If weary flyers had somewhere more appropriate to sleep, the theory goes, then perhaps there would be a little more room on the couches.

Airport terminal sleep pods, where passengers can rent a little privacy or a quiet place to rest up by the hour, have become a hot new business model. Many air travelers have so-far remained skeptical however. Steep hourly rates, combined with the lack of a tiny en suite shower or even tiny bathroom have made the small suites something a tough sell for many frequent flyers.

Although off-airport sleep pod hotels offer a substantial discount over traditional hotel rooms,  the airport-based beds by the hour can cost upwards of $50-an-hour (rivaling the overnight rates of traditional upscale hotel rooms). Flyertalker lwildernorva, however, may have just come up with a novel concept for using the humble sleep pod to solve a persistent problem at at airport lounges. The ingenious frequent flyer suggested making the wee sleeping rooms available at a London Heathrow Airport (LHR) British Airways Galleries Club Lounge.

Inspired by news that Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) now has a high-style Sleep Box hourly hotel available for passengers in need of a break, the Flyertalk member suggested that dedicated, compact sleeping quarters might be just the ticket for select airport lounges. In the British Airways Executive Club forum, the idea appears to have been warmly received. While many frequent flyers admit the prospect of spending more than $100 for a few hours sleep has caused them to steer clear of the airport based sleep-pod-style facilities, the prospect of the units being offered as part of a airport lounge facilities seems to be a much more inviting notion.

The biggest advantage of in-club-nap-space, however, was almost universally identified as providing relief from having to deal with fellow passengers who treat the existing furnishings as a sort of ad-hoc Minute Suite. For this very reason, even some of those flyers who say they have no intention of ever taking advantage the nap pods are often in favor installing the facilities post haste.

“Last time I checked LGH Galleries Club already had quite a large sleep pod,” BillyBleach suggested. “The cinema.”

“BA staff need to address this, there is no where else to watch TV” davem4 agreed. “They should get some speakers in above each seat so that the volume can remain low but heard by people in the area. Also stop people taking their shoes off and lying across the couches. Sometimes the lounge is full and still people taking up 2-3 seats.”

Have you ever taken advantage of a sleep pod type facility? Fellow Flyertalkers want to know: Would this idea make sense for one of the Galleries Club lounges? Go ahead and sleep on the decision before joining the the discussion here.


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snaporaz July 26, 2019

FWIW the First Class lounge at LHR has cabanas with showers and bathrooms that are essentially a fancier version of this. So I doubt they would comparatively 'downgrade' their FC product to bring pods the Galleries Lounge.