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Governor Announces $4B Overhaul of LaGuardia

Changes are coming to LaGuardia with a $4 billion overhaul of the entire facility and its public transportation.

On Monday, New York governor Andrew Cuomo, with Vice President Joe Biden next to him, announced an upcoming remodel to the LaGuardia airport. The proposal, which is expected to be approved in early 2016, will bring $4 billion worth of changes to the travel hub.

“LaGuardia is slow,” Cuomo told CNN. “It’s dated. It is a terrible front door entranceway. We are transforming LaGuardia into a globally-renowned, 21st century airport that is worthy of the city and state of New York.”


The changes are partially spawned by comments made by Biden last year, who likened LaGuardia to a “third-world country” in February.

“I wish everything I said that’s truthful — but controversial — would turn out this way,” Biden said during the announcement of the remodel.

Currently, the airport receives customer reviews derailing it as dirty, congested, delayed, and unwelcoming. Some travelers have gone so far as to say their first visit would also be their last.


Of the airport’s four terminals, Terminal B will be completely torn down and rebuilt. A central building will allow all the terminals to be connected, and transportation will be available to get to each of them. Public transportation options to the airport will be improved and enhanced. Plus, there will be more room for planes on the tarmac and more space for the ground crews.

The remodel is expected to take about five years.

[Photos: Governor Cuomo]

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