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I’ll Crash the Plane: GoAir Pilot Allegedly Threatens Passengers

Three people decided not to board a flight out of India after pilots were late and allegedly made threatening comments. The alleged comments were made to a passenger who recorded the pilots walking in late; the passenger said the video would be put on social media.

On Sunday, three passengers decided not to board a GoAir flight from Delhi to Bengaluru after the pilots showed up late to the flight. The flight, G-113, which held more than 180 passengers, was delayed for longer than an hour. By the time the pilots arrived, several passengers had become angry and walked over to the jetbridge to confront them. One of the passengers recorded the pilots coming in late and said the video would be posted to social media. Allegedly, one of the pilots replied saying that he would crash the plane if the video went online.

The three passengers that left the flight decided to do so after hearing about the alleged remarks from the pilot.

A spokesperson for GoAir told The Economic Times that the airline doesn’t believe that the remarks were actually made by the pilot, noting that “no such statement has been made by the captain and this has been corroborated by ground and on board staff.” The spokesperson did, though, confirm that the flight was originally booked with 185 people and two infants, but took off three people shy of that amount, with 182 passengers plus the two infants.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Bureau of Civil Aviation Security in India have both declined to comment so far.

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henrus February 27, 2018

To those three people post the video then... otherwise, no one will believe you.