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Ghanaian Aviation Minister Slams BA Over Bedbugs

Cecilia Dapaah, the Aviation Minister of Ghana, has criticized British Airways over the carrier’s conduct toward Ghanaian passengers in relation to bedbug infestations aboard direct flights to the United Kingdom in recent years.

“They should make sure all flights that are deemed to come to Ghana are all fumigated. If we ever see one bedbug or any untoward thing on their flight, we will take a drastic action. It should not have happened in the first place, and it should never happen again,” said Dapaah.

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sddjd January 23, 2018

Dapaah is going off on somewhat of a rant with little tangible complaint evident in her statement. She's unhappy with BA about flying out of T3 (notwithstanding more than half of BA's departures from T3 head to North America), and apparently about the cost to fly to Accra. Perhaps someone should whisper to her that the cost delta may have something to do with the fact that Ghana averages about 75% higher than Nigeria in terms of consumer costs, something that would be reflected in airport fees and related costs. Seems to be a bit of grandstanding IMO.